Friday, May 14, 2010

Surgery over, back home!

The surgery went very well. For my first surgery and general anesthesia experience I would say it was good. When they took me into the surgery suite and transferred me from the transport bed to the operating table, I commented on how drowsy and woozy I felt. They said they'd given me something in my IV and the next thing I knew, I was opening my eyes in the recovery room!! My initial feeling was pain!! and nausea... I was in and out of consciousness for the duration of my recovery room time. I was moved into a room. Scott and all four of our boys were there along with my dad and sister in law, Sue. Scott told me that both surgeons (breast and plastic) were very pleased with the surgery. I have an appt with Dr. Knox on Wednesday. By then the pathology report will be back and I'll learn all the details about the cancer (stage, if it was in the lymph nodes, etc...) I am anticipating a good report and I know many, many people are praying for the same.
I am so pleased with how I look under the bandages. I have expander implants inside of my breasts. I don't look disfigured at all. I even have some nipple there. Dr. Knox removed the part of the nipple that is connected to the milk duct and left the areola. I have drainage tubes connected to little bags. We empty the bags throughout the day and record the amount of liquid that drains off. When the fluid amount decreases to a certain number of cc's in a 24 hour period, then the drainage tubes will be removed.

As I posted on fb, I tried extra strength tylenol first....but it wasn't touching the pain. Vicodin, however, is a wonderful little pill!!! I have it for pain and also an antibiotic to be on top of any infection. I'm so pleased with how everything is going. I need assistance to get from sitting or laying to standing, and I have plenty of help. My boys are precious and very helpful!! Scott helped me sponge bathe earlier today. I can't get the breast area wet as long as I have the drainage tubes in place. Sue and Scott help me clean the areas and put antibiotic ointment on it. The camisoles that Connie sent are a wonderful thing!! They have little pockets inside to hold the drainage pouches as well as front velcro closure. The nurses in the hospital had never seen one the these cami's.

God is so good....I have been blown away by the support, love and prayers of so many. It's humbling and very encouraging. I feel so blessed.

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  1. Hi Jane... Wrote a Comment the other night, but it errased..... Sooo happy that you came home and are resting.. I haven't gotten any news, but am still Praying ...
    Love Ya...