Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Encouraging Scripture

Over the years I have prayed a particular scripture over people who were very ill. We obviously don't know the will of God in all things, and this verse just works so well in those circumstances. It is Ps. 139:16 and it says (NIV) "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." What comfort!! Particularly concerning this cancer that is within my body. What this verse speaks to me is that before I was even born, God ordained a certain number of days for my earthly life. As I stand on His Word and picture myself in His arms, I can be (and I am) at peace. Cancer isn't bigger than God is!!!! He is so HUGE! He who created, numbered and named each star in the heavens also breathed into a lump of clay and created human life. He has a plan and purpose for each life He created.

I was excited when I recently read what a breast cancer survivor wrote. Concerning this same scripture, she says, "So, if we think cancer can rob us of even one day, then we are saying cancer has more power than God. In putting the power where it the Lord, then there is peace and not fear. You will have every day God intended for you, the power is in the ONE who numbered your days." She goes on to say, "When we choose to see God and not our circumstances, then we can rest in our faith in God and amazing things can happen to us."

I am so grateful to God for His faithfulness. When this all began and I knew the possibilities, I also knew fear. Panic and anxiety are close friends of fear. And let's not forget cousin worry. They are all related. However, they have a way of scattering and losing their grip on you when you trust in God. And you know who's related to trust? Rest, peace and calmness!! They take up residence in your soul and spirit. I've known both groups....I'll take trust and his gang any day over the fear group. You know what was a major factor in me getting to a place of trust and rest in Him? His Word. Reading the Bible, coming across promises and then standing on them. Praying them. Seeing God's love and faithfulness exhibited through scripture. Trusting Him. I am experiencing peace that passes understanding.... He is so faithful.

In the way of a health update, I feel great. Surgery will be next week (Thursday). All of my tests and scans came back fine. Dad and Sue (my sister-in-law) will be coming next week prior to the surgery. They will be staying a week or two to help take care of me. We are all looking forward to visiting with them. I'm enjoying working on my flowers and herbs. I have quite a few containers on the patio with more envisioned!!


  1. Jane u are such a woman of God! This is so encouraging to me today! I pray God's blessings and peace over you during this journey. And PLEASE PLEASE do not hesitate to let me know if you need anything at all! Love you!

  2. O precisous woman of God. The insight God is giving you is priceless. I lift up holy hands to the God that has you in HIS hands.